Self-Help: The Real Meaning of Learning


For many people, this may sound like an absolutely fine path to follow since we have been taught and conditioned by our social system to regard securing a job as the ultimate goal of achievement. Most of us spend a major chunk of our energy and time trying to find a suitable job for the knowledge we have received in our universities.

This might not even be close to something we really want but that’s the only choice, given the restrictions of our university degrees – the so-called learning of our lifetime. In my case, I wanted to gain knowledge that could help me set up a business and I could have the flexibility of working for myself in my own style of functioning. Hence, the option of me taking those university courses was a big NO.

What did I do then? I searched online and came across a book, the title of which sounded promising. I ordered and read it and I have to admit that it really did help me in learning the basics of property investment and gave me enough knowledge to call estate agents and ask the right questions. That led me into finding my first deal, and the same process led me into finding an investor to complete that project.

I would love to share my journey that I took when I decided to help people grow their business by using my knowledge and experience, but that I will delve into in greater detail in my next article. It is worth mentioning here that I am a qualified journalist, but my learning and education did not end with my journalistic qualification. I use this knowledge not only to my benefit but also to help people grow their business by offering them platforms such as seminars, online courses and my book, which is currently in progress.

Take action:
 Knowledge or learning when applied in the real world will generate money. Knowledge will not convert into money until it is followed up with practical actions that are used to implement that knowledge. For example, eye surgeons possess the theoretical knowledge of performing eye surgery but until they actually go out there and a hospital and perform surgery on a patient, they won’t get paid for the knowledge. Similarly, I would never have made money from my knowledge unless I applied it in real life (invested in property and helped people grow their business using my coaching skills).

Last but not the least, I am thankful to all my coaches and mentors who helped me monetize my learning.