Smart phones from ACER


PC vender Acer, who has joined forces with Packard Bell, recently introduced the partnership’s new line of smart phones, notebooks, tablets. Each device promises faster speeds and better quality graphics in a thinner, more attractive package.

The brand, which now employs over 8,000 people and whose revenue exceeded $15 billion last year, has a new device-driven focus where innovation is key.

This focus on innovation is evident in the new line of products.

The two smart phones the partnership introduced are loaded with new features and should hit stores toward the end of the summer.

The first phone is the Acer Liquid Glow, which encourages users to “enjoy the fun of being young”. The phone’s theme manager allows users to customize the settings of their device and the choice of colors-cat’s eye black and Alpine White-keeps the phone on trend.

The Acer Cloud Mobile, to be released in late August or early September, is loaded with top of the line features. This award-winning model has HD multimedia-superior camera, cinematic effects and a larger, bright screen. The phone also offers high-speed launch of apps and a more responsive touch screen.

It also has a long line of productivity features including Polaris Office 4.0, which allows users to create and share files directly from their phone. It’s easy to print those files -or any type of file- with the device’s screen capture printing feature.

The line of notebooks starts with the most basic “Packard Bell Easy Note” series, which is geared toward youth and users focused on leading “a trendy lifestyle”. These models come in a range of colors and boast an app that gives users the ability to access all of their social media in one program.

The more sophisticated models are in the Acer Aspire series, which place a larger focus on technology. The V3 model has a full HD screen, while the V5’s major feature is its width; it is thinner than one inch.

The Acer Aspire Timeline U boasts a number of design features, which set it apart. The exterior is made of durable aluminum magnesium alloy. Inside users will find a frameless panel, backlit keyboard and high-end graphics. The notebook also features an 8-hour battery life.

Acer-Packard Bell also showcased two models that will be introduced in the market in the future. The Acer Aspire S7 Helium and the Acer Storm Aspire S7-391. These models are both exceptionally thin. The storm features a full HD panel and scratch-resistant Gorilla 2 glass. This easy to clean glass will keep the model looking like new.

These two upcoming models are expected to be released around the time of the introduction of Windows 8.

The unique features of the new tablets are their long battery lives and their versatile docking capabilities. Each can be in the handheld tablet mode, presentation mode- where the tablet stands upright or productivity mode where the tablet is attached to a keyboard.