A downhill run for the record books


Less than 35 seconds, that’s all that stood between athlete Marc Sluszny and the new world record for the 100 metres Vertical Run. The run, sponsored by Belgacom and Samsung, took place on the façade of the Belgacom Building, which towers over Koning Albert II Laan on the afternoon of 26 June.

The star of the event, Marc Sluszny, is a renowned adventurer, athlete and author. Before his daring run, Sluszny spoke with journalists via live connection in regards to his feelings and preparations for his attempt at a new world record.

He said that the day was not just another day at the office, but a special one where his focus would be completely centered on the vertical Run. Although Sluszny has completed his fair share of daring tasks, he admitted to being a bit nervous about the day’s run.

Soon it was time for Sluszny to put his nerves aside and attempt to break the 34.76-second world record set in 2010. As 12h30 grew closer, the crowd outside Belgacom grew larger as onlookers trickled out of office buildings and the Bruxelles Nord train station.

Cameras in hand and eyes to the sky, the crowd waited patiently for Sluszny to make his descent. The run was over in the blink of an eye. Just like that, Sluszny was back on the ground with his fists in the air and a look of elation on his face. 

He hadn’t just broken the previous record of 34.76 seconds; he shattered it. Sluszny described the descent as intense, but it ended perfectly. He ran down the side of the Belgacom building to the safety of the street below in 15.56 seconds, a time for the record books.