Smooth loving


Healthy Smoothies for Wellness

Fancy treating your loved one to something a little different this Valentine’s Day? If so, why not try out the aptly-named ‘Sweet Kiss’ smoothie, which gives a romantic twist to the popular fruit drink.

The product, Healthy Smoothies for Wellness, is the brainchild of Belgian Morgane Ball and her best pal Anicée Massant, who have produced a new “smoothie package” containing all the fruits necessary to make your own blended drink.

Each package has its recipe highlighting the health benefits and, as Morgan says “some tricks”.

She explains: “Each package contains enough fruits for two smoothies or one big smoothie to drink all day. There are fruits or two smoothies: one green and one more fruity. For example, you could have an immune defence smoothie and also a detox one.”

Morgane says: “Sweet Kiss is a very original smoothie which has an aphrodisiac effect. Unfortunately, I can’t divulge the ingredients as we prefer people discover it themselves.”


For St. Valentine’s Day take your loved one on a tour of the world. Belgian artisanal chocolate maker Stephen Vandeparre has used the Atomium and its spheres as inspiration for a three-box collection entitled ‘Atoms.’

In the spheres he revisits the flavours of 15 countries, including Belgium, of course. Let your taste buds travel from Texas and back to Brussels, via popcorn, gingerbread cuberdon or babelutte.