Tricothon: Knit a hat for a smoothie


1.6 million people are on in five children in Belgium live below the poverty line. Poverty is also often synonymous with social exclusion. It is time to roll up our sleeves. The association Compagnons Dépanneurs battles poverty and exclusion in Wallonia and Brussels in helping the poor to do small work (painting, wallpapering, various repairs, small power plants, etc.) to allow them to live in decent standards.

Drinks company Innocent produces delicious smoothies and juices that are 100% natural and very good for your health. In addition, it is knitting for a good cause, as part of the Tricothon campaign which returns for the fourth consecutive year. For each smoothing with a little bonnet on it that is sold, Innocent will donate 20 cents to the association Compagnons Dépanneurs, who are involved in organizing projects for the poor in Belgium.

The association fights against poverty and exclusion in Wallonia and Brussels by helping the poor to do odd jobs (painting, wallpapering, various repairs, small electrical work, etc.) to allow them to live in a decent place.

Kneedles at the ready!

All of the small Tricothon caps are handmade by hundreds of fans of knitting and crochet. Give us a hand and knit a hat or get incolved by buying a smoothie.

Smoothies sporting hats will be available in the shops from January.