Spring is on the way…


Grey, gloomy winter days and cold weather – there have been lots of them over the past weeks. Spring should finally arrive next week, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures of up to 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 Fahrenheit) by Wednesday.

1 March marks the end of the meteorological winter and the start of spring. The past three winter months have been pretty grim the weatherman of Flemish television has confirmed. VRT’s Frank Deboosere says: “Since 1833, only 12 winters saw more rain or snow. And since 1887, only 7 winters had less sunshine.”

The start of spring today will not be marked by spring weather right away. We have to be a little more patient. Weather forecasters expect a grey weekend with a couple of bright spells and temperatures climbing to 5 degrees Celsius.

However, as from Monday, the wind should shift to the east or the south-east and the clouds should disappear. Temperatures will climb fast, to a maximum of 8 degrees on Monday and 12 degrees on Tuesday and even 14 degrees on Wednesday.