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Personal Development: Is Anxiety All Bad?

Is anxiety all bad? Psychiatrist Dr Lucy Fuks, Medical Director of the Community Health Service in Belgium, explains how anxiety has positive aspects as...

Personal Development: 6 Steps to Ecological Transition

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen explains her 6 steps to ecological transition. 1. Eat, buy, connect local Try as much as possible to buy at the corner shop,...

Books: Two of Halle Berry’s Favourites

We look at two of Halle Berry's favourite books: Love by Toni Morrison and Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime by Joan Cooper.  Love Toni Morrison is an American...

Health and Fitness: Is exercise the key to happiness?

Even just short bursts of exercise can boost your mood, according to new research from the US, as Kate Cracknell reports. A small amount of...

Self help tips: Listen to your body and feel better

In her latest self help article Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow explains that the body has its own intelligence. Media is full of quick fixes on...

Positive economics: Find the green shoots

Dave Deruytter has some positive economics news for us in a volatile world. It is time to look beyond the current lingering international issues such...

Real estate: Robert Kiyosaki offers valuable advice

David Mc Gowan, publisher of Together magazine, met one of his heroes to talk about the future of real estate. David Mc Gowan (DM): It's...

Personal development: Hope is the seed of healing

In her latest personal development article Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the external and internal enemy. Why is it that we feed on the...

Empowering Women in Leadership personal development event

The event “Empowering Women in Leadership” on May 21 aims to inspire women to pursue leadership positions and break the gender gap. The event...

Money advice: How to deal with change and uncertainty

In his regular money advice column Dave Deruytter looks at how to deal with the huge changes and deep uncertainty in today’s world. Making the...
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