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Get fit: Why not try Aquabiking exercises?

This month in our get fit pages we are suggesting you throw yourself into the water! Wearing waterproof shoes, you pedal in the water on...

Get fit: Put some variation in your excercise routine

myAspria contributor Nils Courcy says he has the get fit key to chasing away your boredom, stagnation and physical exhaustion. Modern man is sedentary, with...

Fitness tips: Simple holiday exercise to keep in shape

With his regular fitness tips, myASPRIA contributor Nils Courcy helps us to counteract holiday indulgence. When we take a break from physical exercise, the theme...

BodyART: Get into some soulful body training

myASPRIA’s Nadine Zaydan explains the power of the BodyART training phenomenon. Robert Steinbacher’s body training method has become a worldwide phenomenon. His method has been...

How to approach keeping fit

Nowadays, busy lifestyles and an increasing external focus on healthy living have a major impact on our approach to fitness. There’s plenty of thinking behind...
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