Get fit: Why not try Aquabiking exercises?


This month in our get fit pages we are suggesting you throw yourself into the water!

Wearing waterproof shoes, you pedal in the water on a bike placed on the bottom of the pool, with the water up to your chest. Funny idea? It’s coming to us, straight from Italy. And far from being a fad, this sporting practice has been around since the nineties. The activity combines pedalling movements with engaging the upper body and core, and has proved a great success.

“The classes are always going to be put together in three stages,” explains Florent Rivault, Wellbeing Manager at Aspria Arts Loi. “That’s the principle of all our group classes: warm up, content and then cool down. After a light warm up, the Aspria instructor prepares a more active section with choreography based on the songs he’s chosen. It’s a freestyle system, and each instructor will do something different depending on the theme he’s chosen.” During the content section of the class, there’s always a progression, from the easiest exercise to the most difficult one, changing the direction and rhythm of the pedalling and combining arm movements or modifying the position on the saddle to engage the body’s core more. The class ends with a gentler pace and some stretching.

With aquabike, there’s no need for classes at different levels. The instructor presents different options and you can choose the one that suits you. You can also select the settings on your bike, for example by positioning the armrests to utilise the resistance and stability, according to your preferences. During the sessions, each person pedals at their own speed, level and resistance. This makes aquabiking a class that’s suitable for everyone, easy to do and adaptable to individual goals – a great way to get fit!

What are the benefits?
• Slimming the figure: aquabike works the leg muscles, as well as the abs and upper body. It’s a complete exercise which boosts muscle tone. The exercises are also gentler on your joints when performed in the water, helping to avoid stiffness and shock.

• Banishing cellulite: the movements in the water help to boost the circulation and have a draining effect. The massaging action of the water improves the appearance of your skin. As you pedal, the pumping of your muscles improves your blood circulation. It’s the perfect activity for heavy legs.

• It’s fun! You pedal to the music, using a series of positions and varying the pace. There’s no time to get bored: aquabike is a really fun way to train in a group.

Aquabike moves away from the classic concept of cycling classes, even if you are still on a bike. Here, there’s no need to adjust the resistance on the bike with a dial as in a cycling class. It’s the movement of the water which provides the resistance once you start pedalling. And since the resistance exerted by the water is 12 times higher than that of the air, the results on your body are visible. You work harder, but without even realizing!

Aquabike classes are available in the three Aspria clubs in Brussels.

Located in the European quarter, Aspria Arts-Loi is the perfect place to work out with like-minded people in an international community. Aspria Royal La Rasante is a club devoted to your health, providing sports activities for the whole family and situated in a green setting at Woluwe. Aspria Avenue Louise is an exclusive club with a tranquil atmosphere that’s discreet so that you can unwind and relax with style and elegance.