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Personal development: Briana Ashley Stuart

Gemma Rose meets the ‘ARTrepreneur’ Briana Ashley Stuart, helping us to become the best version of ourselves Sometimes, things just happen for a reason. In...

Personal Development: Lopsided Friendships

Personal Development: Gemma Rose believes that sometimes your friends just aren’t that into you with lopsided friendships. There’s nothing like organizing your wedding to figure...

Travel Writing: Malaysia – The Art Of Eating

Gemma Rose pays homage to her roots... by stuffing her face in Malaysia. “Sudah makan?” is one of the most commonly asked questions in Malaysia....

Personal Development: New Motherhood

personal Development: No-one tells you how hard motherhood is, writes Gemma Rose. About ten years ago, I was in the office having a chat with...

Personal Development: Emerging Into Adulthood

Personal Development: Just beyond 30, Gemma Rose investigates the concept of emerging into adulthood and asks herself whether it’s about time she grows up. At my...

Personal Development: The Road to Writing PART II

Personal Development: The second instalment of Gemma Rose’s winding and probably interminable trajectory towards writing for a living... Looking back on the last year, when...

Personal Development: The Road to Writing

Personal Development: In the first of two essays, Gemma Rose charts her winding and probably interminable road to writing for a living. I am first...
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