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Health & Fitness: Group Exercise – A Virtuous Cycle

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Kate Cracknell has found the answer to lapsed wellbeing resolutions: group exercise. Group exercise isn’t just for women: it’s proven to...

Music fitness: Power to improve your gym results

Kate Cracknell explains how music fitness makes you train better and relax more deeply. Music has the power both to improve our results in the...

Get fit: Put some variation in your excercise routine

myAspria contributor Nils Courcy says he has the get fit key to chasing away your boredom, stagnation and physical exhaustion. Modern man is sedentary, with...

Aspria: A new sports centre for Parc Solvay

In spring 2016, Aspria Group will open a fourth club in the Brussels Region, at the heart of the listed site of Parc Solvay.This...
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