Aspria: A new sports centre for Parc Solvay


In spring 2016, Aspria Group will open a fourth club in the Brussels Region, at the heart of the listed site of Parc Solvay.

This Europe-wide group which promotes its exclusive philosophy for well-being via eight clubs in Belgium, Germany and Italy no longer requires an introduction. Aspria offers a range of activities combining sports, culture, business, well-being and hospitality. Aspria clubs are places where people meet to share experiences. The clubs have a family focus, the activities on offer cater to all tastes, all ages and all levels, providing sport and enjoyment for all, but also the luxury of an exclusive infrastructure.

The site chosen by Aspria Group to extend the facilities it offers in Belgium is a beautiful natural setting, nestled at the heart of beech groves in the south of Brussels, which has a long history as a place for social and sporting events. It was in 1929 that S.A. Solvay acquired these four hectares in order to turn them into a sports centre and club house, and to open them up to its staff.

For nearly nine decades, tennis, football, pétanque, basket-ball and bowling have been some of the many sports practiced by members of the company and their guests, in this beautifully preserved setting, which is also of great botanical interest. From the very start, the site combined social and sporting activities: social events initially took place at Château Jamar, a building in the eclectic style constructed at the end of the 19th century, then later in a more modern club house, designed by the architect André Belpalme in 1961, in a style inspired by Expo 58.

In recent years, S.A. Solvay has restructured its property assets, in particular parting with its historic site at the heart of the district of Ixelles. It was in this context that the sports club belonging to the Belgian chemicals giant attracted the interest of Aspria, which is growing rapidly in the capital. Aspria is thus offering this green oasis a new lease of life, a new start but in the protective and caring hands of the Group’s experienced professional team.

In order to respect the history of the gardens, the project will preserve its wooded areas, as the extension of the club house will cover the current football pitch.

It will an exclusive establishment, a forum for fitness and well-being, providing its members and their family with the very best infrastructure, state-of-the-art sports facilities, the extensive expertise of its instructors, as well as relaxation areas and a magnificent spa. With all this at their disposal, Aspria members can enjoy a unique well-being and hospitality experience, in an entirely exclusive setting.

On offer will be a wide range of outdoor sports (tennis, multi-sports, jogging), activities which will be complemented by the creation of several indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports and yoga studios, and finally, a relaxation and well-being area.

All this will be complemented by childcare facilities. Aspria clubs are family oriented; right through the year and the school holidays, day camps combining sports and recreational activities will be organized for children.

In addition to the sports infrastructure, the project also includes a bar, a restaurant and accommodation facilities dedicated to members of the Group or their guests.

There will also be meeting rooms where members can hold private or professional events, seminars, corporate events.

Building work should start during the second half of 2014 and will last between 15 and 18 months. The ‘Aspria Centre Solvay’ should open around spring 2016.