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Ten types of meditation

At this busy time of year it’s time to look at the benefits of stepping back and benefitting from meditation. Karen Northshield looks at...

Stress management advice: Discover the secret to meditation

Our latest Stress management advice article Karen Northshield guides you towards successful meditation Meditation has been around for centuries and in today, many different forms...

Personal Development: Coping With Stress

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen explains how to escape from modern stress, especially helping to cope with Covid-19.. For most of us, the world we’ve incarnated...

Books: Dan Harris – 10% Happier

Books: Dan Harris bestseller 10% Happier to help you on the road to success. This book comes with a rather long subtitle: How I Tamed...

Health & Fitness: Quickstart Meditation Guide

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Maria Luisa Fissasegola shares her expertise with a quickstart guide to meditation. The words ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ are cropping up with...

Personal Development: Soothing the Mind

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen offers tips on a soothing depression and how to return to infinite possibilities. When I go through my spiritual books, I...

Transcendental Meditation: Let your mind reach a higher state

Erika Brincat marks our card on the benefits of transcendental meditation. As a lover of India who has been there several times, I thought it...
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