Personal Development: Coping With Stress


Personal Development: Sarbani Sen explains how to escape from modern stress, especially helping to cope with Covid-19..

For most of us, the world we’ve incarnated into is made of technology, stress and desire. However, according to Ayurveda, our world is a mix of 5 stages of being: from the denser form, which is the world of desires, fears and pain, to the etheric stage which is the world above form and structure. For this ancestral Indian medical tradition, there are techniques to move from one to the other. In quantum healing, we also consider that there are several dimensions, and usually we work with the 3-4 bodies around our ‘physical body’. These bodies have different names and consistencies such as etheric body, astral body, mental body and causal body. Each has its own set of chakras or internal energetic motors (etheric chakras, mental chakras and astral chakras). So, when we feel stuck, and unhappy with the 3D we live in, there are simple techniques we can use to transcend this state, and live our incarnation differently.

There are a few things we can integrate into our morning routine that can have an impact in supporting us in being more mindful, self- compassionate, connected, and resilient throughout the day, which are qualities of the 4th dimension, somewhere above the veil of consciousness. This posture may allow us to actually act upon our reality instead of undergoing it. Set your judgments aside and try these out over the next weeks as an experiment… allow your experience to be your guide.

Off to a mindful start Rather than going straight for the coffee or tea when waking up, see if you can take in a big glass of water. Your body is dehydrated— your body needs water; it hasn’t had a drink of water all night long. You might even want to delay the morning breakfast. Keep fasting some more hours, see if you can stretch until lunch. Sleeping hours count as fasting so if you want to go easy on your internal organs, give them some rest – it is advised to fast and skip some of the meals, some of the days of the week so as to let our system clear, thus clearing the mind at the same time. It might sound difficult at first, but trust me, the morning delaying of eating makes it a lot easier, and the sense of control we get over our
life is very encouraging when it comes to stepping out of automatisms and routines linked to the 3D reality.

Then, instead of grabbing your technology to begin with, go outside and take in the sky, take in a tree – allow your eyes and body to take that in. Breathing exercises are very important. When subject to sorrow, sadness, or over mentalizing, mindful breathing will take you out of it instantly. Look at the light around you. Remember that book by James Redfield (The Secret of the Andes) where he was talking about the glow around trees, things and people? Well look for it. Focus and try to connect with nature around you, even that plant in your bathroom. Maybe you’ll find that glow around a person in the bus or in the traffic, or a book, anything really. Pay attention to the magic of life around you. Once you start being aware of it, it speaks in images, coincidences and encounters.

Did you realize that once you settle into your chair in the office, all magic disappears? Don’t you agree we’re seated on chairs far too often and far too long every day? This is bad for our blood circulation, for our joints and for our psyche. Try walking a few minutes every hour, or doing some yoga moves, bends, stretches, breathing exercises etc. The fluids are stimulated and the body gets a sensation of joy, freedom or at least some oxygen in the cells. And once you reconnect to joy, you’ve won the battle against points of views, judgments and boredom in general. See how your work instantly becomes interesting again, how creative you’ve become, how happy you are about this new project that seemed like a mountain.

Now that you are breathing deep again, and connected to your joy, it takes on a whole new colour. There are some allies from the vegetal and mineral world too that can help us step into the higher dimensions. Essential oils and fragrances are some of them. Find your own special ‘feel good’ or ‘enlightening’ smell. It can be Cedar of Atlas or Himalaya (to be more concentrated, detached and focused), Sandalwood Ylang Ylang and Jasmin for more sensuality. Depending on the period of the month, the one or the other might be perfect. Go and explore, maybe you can even create your own? Try composing your own fragrance. Flower essences may strongly influence all levels of the multidimensional human system, from the physical/biomolecular levels up to the higher subtle and soul levels. Minerals have a similar effect. Personally? I use amethyst and rose quartz for peace and harmony. I use them in special rollers with oil, essential oils of Ylang Ylang, crystals and some Bach flowers drops. I discovered Selenite recently, which helps elevate vibration in the room. You can use it to clear your personal energy and pass it all over your aura, or simply let it be in a corner of the room and let it do its job. This crystal radiates light from the inside, as if it contained a bulb, which is why we use it to increase the frequency of vibration.

Distractor implants are the main obstacles on our way to self-consciousness and reaching higher realms. Once we are trapped in emotions such as anger rage fury, hate, love, sex jealousy and shame blame, we are ‘under the veil of consciousness’, which means that we become that emotion and are incapable of dissociating our experience of emotion and the emotion itself. According to Access Consciousness TM, workaholism is a major distractor implant too and is a catalyst of the worldly material energies we are trapped in. Without knowing, we are overwhelmed, over-anxious and spending too much time on something that is taking all our attention. If this takes away our ability to reach out to the world and be our fullest self, then we might be in a distractor implant. This is why we need to be observant of our thoughts and activities.

What are the other activities we could indulge in, in order to enter the other realms our incarnation has to offer? Why not try the ‘eternal being’ technique? What would an eternal being do? As an eternal being, we tend to expand, our breath is more relaxed, deeper, and we feel omnipotent. As Dalai Lama wisely puts it: “With  the realization of one’s own potential and self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” So why not try? Just for fun, just for now? What else is possible with this body with this life? Is this narrow part of reality (work, family, sex, travel and money consumerism etc) really all there is to life experience?

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