Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Social skills coaching: Pandemic fades, society stands

Social skills coaching expert Atefeh Sadeghi suggests we need to sharpen our social skills anew. Reinstating your social life and refreshing your sense of collectivity...

Fitness fun: Make sure exercise is infectious

Kate Cracknell, myASPRIA contributor, looks at a new survey on our exercise habits - fitness fun. If you’re struggling to stick to your exercise routine,...

Bednet: A social initiative for sick children

Bednet offers the right to education, even when ill. It seems self-evident. Even when you are ill for a long time, you preserve the right...

Facebook: Set yourself free by leaving social media

Gemma Rose looks back at a year fasting… from Facebook. A year ago, I swore off Facebook. I was on holiday, idly spending the hours...

Joining: a new way to meet people

Joining is a new platform where you can meet new people who enjoy doing similar things. It started in the Netherlands six months ago and...
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