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From potato seller to millionaire…

A New York pototato seller makes millions from selling 5 dollar potato just goes to show...

New speedtrap menace claims foreign victims

The new SPECS speed camera system has been in operation for four months on the stretch of motorway between Ghent and Antwerp. Between June...

Antwerp overtakes Brussels for shopping

25 Meir unthrones Nieuwstraat as busiest shopping streetThe Antwerp high-street known as the Meir is today the busiest shopping street in Belgium. The real...

High speed Fyra train stuck again

After a few weeks relatively devoid of problems the new high-speed train that links Brussels with Amsterdam is once again in the news for...

Mayor defends Brussels Xmas tree

No fewer than one and a half million people visited the "Winter Wonders".  Christmas Market in Brussels in December 2012. The absence of the usual...

Raid on top Belgian restaurant

Public prosecutors in the East Flemish town of Oudenaarde have opened an investigation into possible fraud at Peter Goossens's three star restaurant, the Hof van Cleve,...

Tripadvisor calls Brussels ‘unfriendly’

In the surprise judgement given by the online travel information service, only Moscow, London, Hong Kong, Peking and Dubai give visitors a cooler “welcome”...

Gérard Depardieu moves to Belgium

Gérard Depardieu is now one of a number of high profile French actors to move across the border to Belgium. The actor has bought...

New high speed rail link with Amsterdam

The Belgian rail company NMBS and the Dutch high-speed train operator Nederlandse HS Hispeed have agreed to launch Fyra, a new high speed train...

Belgium invests to upgrade its rail network

 The investment programme by the state owned rail company NMBS will be spread over 12 years between 2013 and 2025. The lion’s share (24.225 billion euro)...
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