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The Ardennes: A dream workplace

The Ardennes: A dream workplace Remote working. This is THE new trend word of 2020 which, for many, has now become a sign of a...

Money: Wellbeing In The Workplace

Dave Deruytter looks at work-life balance and wellbeing. True employee wellbeing is the result of meaningful challenges for workers in a strategy that proposes incremental change,...

Personal development: How to find meaningful work

In our personal development article Gemma Rose wonders how to find meaning in the modern workplace. For this magazine, I previously wrote about how we...

Artificial Intelligence: Big Brother’s watching you

Dave Deruytter looks at Artificial Intelligence and the possible future obsolescence of… us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the innovation radar for quite some...

Sleep well and live a successful life

Sleep well says coach Christine Hansen or you are sabotaging your self-discipline and success. We all have goals and dreams. And most of us are...

Personal development: Quit the day job

Serendipity led Gemma Rose to a bookshop and a man living his dream. One sunny lunch time in April, I was feeling a bit down...

Salary: Women too humble to ask for a raise

68% of Belgian women have never negotiated their wage, against 52% of men. To succeed in the workplace, it is essential to develop specific skills...
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