The Ardennes: A dream workplace


The Ardennes: A dream workplace

Remote working. This is THE new trend word of 2020 which, for many, has now become a sign of a new ‘normality’. How do you experience this new way of working from home? According to the latest survey by experts from The Kung Group, we can see that remote work is here to stay. Experts see the up- and downsides of this remote trend, but what if we can make the positive aspects even stronger? It is time to rediscover the pleasure of remote working in a new environment, especially in the beautiful region of the Ardennes, a dream workplace.

Rediscover working remotely

The great advantage of remote working is that you are not dependent on the workplace. Working from a distance is feasible from anywhere, including the Ardennes. Being close to nature can relieve stress and tension, encourage creativity and be a source of inspiration, peace and wellbeing. These are all essential aspects of professional life. Therefore, Ardennes-étape is launching the concept of remote working in the Ardennes. No distractions, total peace and quiet, and an internet connection, which is essential for working. A healthy work-life balance is a must in any lifestyle, that’s why we encourage you to enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of Belgium and to take a breath of fresh air in the green Ardennes countryside after your working hours.

This initiative aims to be able to reinforce the aspects that people currently lack when working at home: firstly, to get some extra exercise (and not just sitting at home!), by taking a walk in the Ardennes after work. Secondly, to break the routine by going out of the house for several days, without having to take a holiday. And finally, being able to work quietly without being distracted by the daily routine at home.

The perfect balance between work and relaxation Would you like to take your bubble or your spouse with you to the Ardennes? Just do it! Together you can enjoy a sauna, a jacuzzi, or a dip in the pool after work, ideal for complete relaxation. In the evening, you can also take the opportunity to discover the local gastronomy: the region is full of great restaurants! Because the combination of work and pleasure is exactly what we want you to experience.

Looking for ideas?

On our blog Ardennesétape Experience, we will be happy to guide you with lots of great ideas for tested and approved walks! There is nothing more resourcing to clear your head after a stressful day. You will feel completely recharged within an hour.
Are you ready to experience the concept of ‘remote working’ in the Ardennes? For a midweek (in other words, the week from Monday to Friday), the price is almost the same as for a weekend… but for twice as many days. Perfect to experience the blending of work and relaxation for five days!


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