The pursuit of happiness


The promotion of wellbeing is essential to the pursuit of happiness. Self-realization or the sense of fulfillment it brings you is one way to promote that wellbeing.

However, self-realization is a long-term process. It’s not about arriving, it’s about the experiences, the teaching, the stories, the landscapes, the smells, the culture and, of course, the victory over oneself, having walked the distance and fulfilled a dream.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are also about short-term objectives. Do not get caught up in the vision itself and forget to live in this moment. And that moment is very much in peril in today’s hectic and stressful environment, where time becomes as elusive as our health, wellbeing and happiness.

How to promote health, wellbeing and happiness in seven simple steps:

Step 1: Take time-out

Taking breaks is essential and short breaks now and then help you to make up time afterwards. For example when you struggle writing, go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air. You’ll feel more focused afterwards.

Step 2: ‘Return to Ease’

Numerous scientific studies have proven that breathing exercises, where you become mindful of your breath, help to reduce anxiety, treat depression, reverse the effects of stress and help you to be more focused. 

Step 3: Inner forgiveness

There is something very liberating in inner forgiveness, which changes your attitude towards a past experience. In the process of self-observation and changing your attitude, you self-correct, heal wounds and ultimately alter the direction of your future.

Step 4: Gratefulness

What have you been grateful for recently? Stop complaining, pointing the finger at others and take an observer’s perspective. What has this situation taught you? Then be grateful for the lesson learned.

Step 5: Compassion and altruism

When is the last time you helped someone? Research suggests that meaningful social interaction helps you to reduce stress and enjoy better mental and physical health. 

Step 6: Hugs

Our society is deprived of touch, especially single people and the elderly, and it has detrimental effect on their health. Hugs trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin which is known to be important for trust and a sense of wellbeing by reducing fear.

Step 7: Creativity

When was the last time you created something? Knitting, painting, cooking, ironing, doing the dishes or hands on, physical work are all activities with an end result, which help you gain resilience and prevent and treat depression.

In other words the ‘pursuit of happiness’ is in your hands.

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