Together joins the Virtual Travel & Leisure Fair


Together announces an exciting new media partnership.

The team behind the online travel distributor Holidea has partnered with the media marketing expert Yannick Kalantarian to start a new and unique technology venture, a virtual exhibition and convention centre, named the VFairs via their joint media company 2Advice. Together has accepted to be an official media partner of VTLF and will bring regular updates from the platform and will be present with a booth at the fair.

2Advice will host in this 3D virtual reality environment a series of virtual fairs and events ranging from job fairs and art fairs to fairs focused on expats and seniors.

The fair allows exhibitors to network and engage.

TOGETHER MAGAZINEAvatars can walk around the fair, visit booths, exchange business cards, chat, talk, generate leads and network as in real life but easier and faster, without leaving their home or office.

Avatar-based interaction replicates real-life dynamics. It is real-life rather than real-time. It drives lifelike engagement, as people connect and communicate the natural way. Another novel element that has been introduced is the ‘virtual bag’. Users can store business cards, brochures and products viewed during their visits to the booths. All bag contacts are downloadable at any time.

Booths are listed and shown in the 3D Map tool, where users can navigate directly to a booth location inside the virtual environment in a click. Text chat is fully accessible to all participants directly in the interface. Voice and video calls can be through Skype, integrated in the platform.

Together can also now announce the dates for 2Advice’s first Virtual Travel & Leisure Fair (VTLF), which will take place from 24 to 27 November 2016.

The fair will bring a preview of what the summer holiday season 2017 has to offer and last minute deals for the winter 2016/2017. Exhibitors range from destinations, tour operators, rail operators, airlines, airports, hotels and resorts, car rental companies and many more.

More information can be obtained via the VTLF website where interested exhibitors can already apply. Follow them also on the dedicated VTLF Facebook page for regular updates.