Arts: 31 Days in Belgium


A couple of New Zealanders have landed in the Belgium – but they are staying longer than a weekend in the cause of the arts and charity.

31 days in is a travel and art project by New Zealand artist Timothy VS and Australian photographer Zoe Elliott.

Unlike most travellers the pair get to know a city through their art. Exploring the city together with Zoe capturing the sights of the city through her photos and Tim creating a painting a day for 31 days to try to capture the city though its unique places, people and atmosphere with the added surprise of the occasional polar bear.

The project began in August 2015 with Barcelona as the first destination with Western Australia soon to follow in October 2015 and most recently 31 days in Wellington in March of 2016. The couple has now set their sight on 31 days in Belgium for October 2016 choosing to explore the entire country in just 31 days in their most ambitious project yet.

In addition to a picture a day the couple are also inspired by unique niches in the local culture which has inspired side projects such as 31 days in Wellington: The album where by 31 local Wellington musicians each contributed a song to be paired with one of the 31 days in Wellington artworks. All $2,580 dollars of the proceeds made from 31 days in Wellington: The album being donated to Kaibosh a local Wellington food rescue organization aimed at reducing poverty by reducing waste.

They are currently half way through 31 days in Belgium having started and Brussels and moved through the many nooks and crannies that make Belgium so special.  Giving back to the communities they’ve visited is a big part of what 31 days in is all about with a portion of all art print sales being donated to Serve the City.  Follow the journey on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.