Travel: Once-in-a-lifetime luxury adventures


TRAVELBobsled with an Olympian
Tear through a bobsled course at up to 70mph, with St. Regis’s winter package giving guests the chance to train with an Olympic silver medallist.

If the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has left you wanting a piece of the action, the St. Regis Deer Valley hotel in Park City, Utah, has just the thing. As part of an exclusive partnership with the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, the St. Regis is offering an exciting opportunity to bobsled alongside an Olympic medalist. Guests can take a thrilling ride on Park City’s bobsled track at Utah Olympic Park (used in the 2002 Salt Lake City games) alongside brakewoman Valerie Fleming or driver Shauna Rohbock, who together won the silver for the US in the 2006 two-woman bobsled event. They share inspirational stories while giving an exclusive tour of the track. Following a safety demonstration, guests will take the white-knuckle ride of a lifetime — tearing through 10 exhilarating turns and hitting speeds of up to 70mph with three g of g-force. Your day on the track ends with a medal ceremony, an autographed photo from Shauna and Valerie, plus a special souvenir.

Luxury Suite from $6,000 per night, bobsled package $3,500 per person.
Location: Utah, USA

TRAVELNear-Space flight
The most expensive trip on the list costs a cool $550,000. The Near-Space flight takes guests to as high as it’s physically possible to go without the need for a space suit, while you spend 12 hours floating 22 miles above sea level and dine on Michelin-starred cuisine.

A part of the atmosphere once reserved exclusively for astronauts, near-space is now becoming a destination for daring civilians. The stratosphere, mesosphere and lower part of the thermosphere create near-space, somewhere between the Armstrong limit (above this, humans need a pressure suit to survive) and the Kármán line (where the atmosphere meets outer space). Taking off from just about anywhere on earth, Brown + Hudson’s near-space flight is the most luxurious way to take on this profound journey. Lifting off at 4am in a state-of-the-art pod that can hold four people, you’ll reach a height of 22 miles in around one hour. The entire flight takes 12 hours (with Michelin-starred in-flight dining), with two hours cruising in near-space.

Location: The Atmosphere
From $550,000 for four people

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