Travel: Thailand Six Senses Yao Noi


Additionally, the Six Senses Yao Noi grows a lot of their own produce. They have a chicken farm, duck pond, mushroom hut and vegetable garden. Furthermore, they have goats – a particularly dashing one is called Elvis! You can even pick your own eggs for breakfast straight from the chicken coop. I was so impressed by the sheer dedication put into creating a sustainable hotel that I couldn’t help but adopt some of the Six Senses practices at home.

The other wonderful thing about having such fresh ingredients on site is that dining becomes a completely elevated experience. The breakfast was hands- down the freshest and most authentic hotel breakfast I have ever had. Dinner at the Dining Room was great. Every dish, an intagrammer’s dream and a food critic’s rave review. One of the coolest features is their crystal water. A special mention must be given to the menu, but especially the Saffron Pappardelle, which I still dream about and long for another bite. And guests are welcome to unlimited free ice cream at the ice-cream parlour.

I couldn’t resist visiting the famous Six Senses Spa to see what they have in store for their guests. The spa felt like a calm, tree- canopy oasis, with an emphasis on wellness and a delicious juice bar. The treatment room was stunning, and the outdoor shower amongst a trickling waterfall was the perfect mood setter. The service was wonderful, and the treatment was expertly executed.

Whilst visiting the Six Senses, unfortunately the famous Hilltop Reserve was being renovated. However, in its place they opened up the Ocean Retreat to guests and created a beach pop-up which was fabulous! Two pools, a garden and direct access to the beach was the ideal way to spend the day, and with the picturesque, unobstructed view of the ocean, limestone cliffs and a cocktail in my hand, I was set!

The hotel has two beaches, my favourite being the Mai Tai beach as it was very calm for swimming and private. At night, they also do movie screenings on the beach under the stars with popcorn, I mean they really have thought of everything.

As you are right in the mix of Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi, Phuket and Krabi, there are many excellent boat excursions you can do. We embarked on the local Tuk Tuk tour and this was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community, visit rubber plantations and even get a fresh coconut directly from the tree. Moreover, I would highly recommend taking out a paddleboard or kayak, because the sea is so calm and the view is unreal.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Six Senses Yao Noi since I left. The integrity of this hotel is truly unparalleled. If you are someone looking for thoughtfulness, inventive sustainability, food at the highest level, warm and very caring staff and a view that is possibly one of the most mesmerizing on earth, then without a doubt this needs to be your next holiday destination.