Travel: The Siam – Bangkok


Travel: Melanie de Lacy Staunton visited a unique hotel – The Siam.

In the midst of buzzing Bangkok, lies an exclusive retreat reminiscent of a Hollywood star’s country estate. The Siam is a work of art, not only in its astonishing design, but also in the boundless antiques and artefacts that infiltrate every corner of the property. The Siam is so unique that even if you stayed there every year, each visit would always be its own singular experience, with new discoveries. This is truly one of the most exquisite hotels I’ve ever had the privilege to stay in. There are no two ways about it – The Siam is an absolute showstopper!

Arriving at The Siam, you cannot help but be completely awe-struck by the depth of thought that has gone into the design. From the moment you walk through the entrance, there is no inch of The Siam that isn’t deserving of a million photographs. I preferred to roam around the property, like you would a museum, and revel in all the history, art and collectors’ items. For any Bill Bensley fans you will not be disappointed. His signature Black and white aesthetic, which is always so striking, permeates every facet of the hotel.

This urban luxury resort comprises 39 suites and villas, and no two rooms are exactly the same. What I admired was that the hotel could easily have included 100 rooms, however, The Siam instead prioritized the guest experience and a feeling of intimacy over capacity. The suites and villas are Immense, and all have different themes. Each motif is very tasteful, and the differences are subtle yet significant.

As you walk towards the river, there are 11 villas, each with its own private plunge pool, which is amazing! We stayed in a courtyard pool villa and, holy moly, I felt like a celebrity staying in this place. The villa was out of this world, with a split-level bedroom, roman style bathroom with vaulted ceiling – it has a private courtyard with plunge pool and a roof terrace with deck chairs. Moreover, there are a few extra special villas that have riverfront views. Finally, if you’re looking for something with the utmost space and privacy, then make a request for Connie’s Cottage.

Every guest at The Siam has a designated butler. Our butler, Gub, was fantastic. He showed us around the entire property and revealed so many interesting facts about the numerous historical pieces in the hotel. If it weren’t for Gub, I may never have noticed that in the library there were newspapers displayed dating back to 1879. Furthermore, I might have missed the movie tickets that lined the walls of the screening room or not realized that all the antique film cameras were from genuine movie sets.

An activity that is an absolute must at The Siam is the cooking class. It was so much fun, and the kitchen is in the most beautiful setting, overlooking the gardens and the river. I am a notoriously bad cook, but our chef Thammarach was wonderful and somehow helped me make the most delicious Phad Thai, Green Curry and even a Tom Yum Goon. You get to enjoy your three-course meal as you cook, and then walk away with a recipe book and specially adorned Siam aprons, which was a lovely touch. It was the most memorable cooking experience I have ever had.