Vincent Vanasch: Balancing sporting performance, family and career


Vincent Vanasch explains why Aspria’s Royal La Rasante supports his Olympic ambitions

Balancing sporting performance, family and career

At 35, Vincent Vanasch is one of Belgium’s most successful athletes. Known as ‘The Wall’, he is considered one of the best hockey goalkeepers in the world. Vincent is preparing to take part in his fourth Olympic Games, after London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2021.

“The Red Lions are aiming to return from Paris with a gold medal”

Reigning Olympic champions, the Red Lions are aiming to return from Paris with a gold medal, which is putting a certain amount of pressure on the shoulders of our players, including Vincent Vanasch. As you’d expect, the Brussels-based goalkeeper has to stay in top form every day – and to do so, he has chosen to train at the Aspria Royal La Rasante club. 

A holistic approach

Vanash explains: “I chose Aspria as an athlete, but also because it meets the needs of both my family and my job! I can train with quality equipment, in specialized fitness areas and with professional coaches on hand to support. I can use the swimming pool for rehabilitation when I’m injured, and I can relax in the sauna or hammam after a workout. This year I’ve also decided to practice more yoga. In addition to fitness training and the wide variety of group classes, I also have the opportunity to take part in interesting talks and meet inspiring people.”

A welcoming family environment

“As a top-level athlete, I want to make time for my family, otherwise I can’t perform. I didn’t see my children much before because I was training a lot, or I was away with the national team. At the club, everything is combined in one place: I take my family where I train!

“There’s a real family spirit at Aspria”

It’s really important to me that my children see me training: you don’t become a great champion without working hard! After my workout, I spend time with my children. We have fun in the small pool – they’re 2 and 5 years old – and then we share a lunch together.

There’s a real family spirit at Aspria. We’re thinking of signing our son up for a tennis course and we’d like to celebrate his birthday there.”

Life after hockey

Vanash is making the most of his time at Aspria to also cater to his other ambitions: “I have a professional career to prepare for after my hockey one ends, so when I’m at Aspria, I take the opportunity to work in the co-working spaces. I schedule my meetings, catch up on my admin work and make calls before or after a sports session. I feel good here and I’m more efficient! 

“The success of our national hockey team lies in the mental and physical state of its goalkeeper”

Next January, the Red Lions must qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris against nine other nations. There is no doubt that one of the keys to the success of our national hockey team lies in the mental and physical state of its goalkeeper. And he can count on Aspria to ensure that he is always in top form!

Photo: Red Lions © FIH