Wine advice:  Discover German wines and… asparagus

German wines Rudesheim Rhein-Hesse
German wines Rudesheim Rhein-Hesse

In this month’s wine advice, we reveal some humble eye-raising pairings…

The misconception of German wines relying on ‘pairing’ with bratwurst and suckling pig is definitively debunked when you visit the Wines of Germany website.

Asparagus anyone?

They explain: “Asparagus’s slightly bitter notes can make it a tricky partner when it comes to wine. It often clashes when paired with the standard fruit-driven varietals. Possible alternatives: Silvaner, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and Rivaner (Müller-Thurgau). With their round acidity and delicate fruity aromas – reminiscent of pears, apples, nuts and flowers – they lull these savoury stalks into submission, even coaxing out a bit of sweetness.”

Asparagus bears the poetic folk name ‘sparrow grass’ and is synonymous with the coming of spring. Through the ages across the planet it has also been celebrated as an aphrodisiac. When you pair this tight bundle of fresh vegetables with German wines they are a marriage made in Bayern and elsewhere in Germany.

What goes with what?
White Asparagus boasts mild, almost sweet and pleasantly bitter flavours, a match for the subtle aromas of Silvaner from Rheinhessen, the largest of 13 German wine regions, as well as Gutedels from Baden. Violet Asparagus – with slightly richer aromas – cosies up well with a fresh Rivaner from Franken. Whereas Green Asparagus is more intense – Pflalz Rieslings and powerful Grauburgunder and unoaked Chardonnay make an ideal complement.

Let’s not leave out the meat-eaters. “Veal or pork cutlet, or a mildly-spiced roast, can feature an expressive range of aromas. For expressive, robust wines with the rich aromatic range to more than hold their own, try Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder or Chardonnay.”

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