WineOLED: The perfect lamp for wine lovers


WineOLED proves that the art of wine tasting has never been so closely linked to the world of design and technology.

Italian company Deslabs has created WineOLED, a lamp for both professional and amateur tasters, made in HI-MACS®. WineOLED makes it possible to illuminate the glass from behind, in order to be able to analyze the properties of the wine: colour, transparency, brilliance, intensity, nuances of the pigment and formation of tears.

Unique design, innovative materials and technology are the characteristics that all come together in WineOLED. Deslabs has designed and created this lamp using next generation materials such as HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone, alongside cutting edge technologies such as OLED lighting and Tesla’s iconic wireless power transfer.

HI-MACS® was the ideal material for executing this project thanks to its many possibilities. Given its thermoformable properties, it is a material that lends itself to producing different shapes and creating the curved lines required by this design. The seamless joints allow the object to be formed of a single piece which is easy to clean and very resistant to both wear and scratches.

The OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology provides light that is very similar to natural light, but without any glare, shadows or UV rays, and so it does not alter the colour or properties of the wine. Wireless power transfer also makes it possible to charge a cell phone battery when it is placed on the base of the lamp.

This all results in a cult object that is unique and fun, and caters to both wine lovers and professionals. Besides its distinctive shape, which gives it a very interesting decorative touch, this gadget’s differentiating feature is the lighting it provides and its functionality, since it helps to reveal the inherent characteristics of each wine.

Ultimately, a wine is valued for its appearance, its aroma  and its flavuor. It is a full sensory process that requires concentration and precision. WineOLED supplements this ritual by helping the taster to discover more subtle details. Salut!