Winter travel with Belgian cruise company All Ways


Enjoy winter travel by embarking on a voyage of discovery and exoticism with All Ways Cruises.

Everyone knows this feeling: having to admit, after the last colourful days of autumn, that the dark winter is just beginning. And then one day comes the inevitable desire to head for a hot and sunny destination. Forget the winter’s grey skies and book a sumptuous trip right now.

Cruises offer many interesting possibilities to visit fascinating countries while recharging your batteries. Need some ideas? The Belgian tour operator All Ways Cruises offers several attractive options on the largest rivers in the world.

The highlight of All Ways is its simple concept: boarding ships on a human scale, with their own guides, and discovering with likeminded people in countries and regions which are blessed with a high cultural and historical level.

The advantage of visiting these areas while cruising goes well beyond the comfort of traveling with your hotel. The rivers on which you will sail are the real arteries of the countries visited.

WINTER TRAVEL ALL WAYS This winter, All Ways Cruises offers the following trips:

The Royal Mekong
A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, on the mighty Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake. A small boat will take you to the heart of lake villages, with their floating markets, or bubbling cities like Saigon, alongside the rice fields and Buddhist temples.

After the monumental splendour of the seven successive capitals of the ancient Khmer kingdom, the journey ends in the wondrous temples of Angkor Wat. (From November 26 to December 8, 2019)

In the heart of Myanmar, Burma
During a river cruise on the Irrawaddy River, you will discover all the highlights of this ‘golden country’. The landscape rolls slowly by as you admire the splendid colours, the thousands of temples and the golden pagodas. You will have the opportunity to visit the temples of Bagan. This welcoming country has a lot to offer and has just opened up to tourism. (January 2020)

Indian colours on the banks of the Ganges
From Calcutta to Benares, colourful India will leave no one indifferent. Throughout the Ganges, you will discover the culture of spiritual India, dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism. The river ship will take you into a beautiful landscape of savannahs, jungles and tea plantations, which alternate with charming villages, numerous temples and remnants of colonial architecture. This authentic trip will accommodate a maximum of 56 passengers. (March 2020)

Laos, an unknown pearl
Navigate in the Golden Triangle, the mythical region located between three countries, Thailand, Laos and Burma. Walk in the historical steps of men exiled to Laos. Explore mountain landscapes, rice fields and tea plantations. Laos is also inextricably linked to its opium fields. Let yourself be surprised on the banks of the Mekong by a colourful ethnic community, with its traditional costumes, architecture, craftsmanship and unique flavours. The beautiful turquoise waterfalls of Kuang Si and the capital Ventiane are two must-see highlights of this trip. (March 2020)

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest
Go on an adventure and embark on a spectacular expedition to the Ecuadorian jungle. From the Napo River, you will have the unique chance to discover the pristine nature and the immense biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, in the company of a specialist. This unique cruise will also take you to the Quechua community, characterized by its fascinating way of life, and to the capital Quito. (March 2020)

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