Personal Development: Reconnection Healing


Personal Development: Sarbani Sen delves deeper into the realm of ‘reconnection healing’.

Before we enter the summer and jump into our seasonal activities, I wanted to share a daytime dream I had last year after having my first ‘reconnection’ healing. This is a technique developed by Eric Pearl, an American psychotherapist who says he can reconnect people to their essence and even to the invisible world around us. I was a bit sceptical at first but then strange things started happening – I felt beings playing around the massage table and opening my body to more light, and some weird yet overwhelming images started showing up right after the healing session. A new world was popping up before my eyes and I was the witness of that beautiful new era.

Imagine a world where there are energetic healing centres everywhere. People acknowledge that they are energetic beings and that they need to clean out their aura and their vital energy every now and then. Classes are given in schools, at beauty parlours, hairdressers and in universities. Humanity becomes one big bunch of connected beings, striving to be the best version of themselves. People create their own style and expose it. Everybody is engaging and striving to their full potential, bringing out the contribution they are to the world. Singing and acting is seen as a contribution to the world again. Arts are valued.

Of course, there is no longer any unemployment. There is no longer a need to hide because it is clear to all that humans need to grow to their fullest potential and be part of the big organic being we are. People spend time clearing a lot of trauma the previous generations went through (genealogy, karma, etc) all the false conclusions that were created and that made the previous world so heavy. All the judgments people had about themselves and the others are washed out. Everybody has several jobs, and people don’t stay in the same company and same position until the end of their lives. They play and enjoy contributing. Top-down management is obsolete and explained in history classes in schools (like WWII today).

Telepathy will be normal again. Humans reconnect to the supra consciousness of their interconnection. They are aware that they are now here (nowhere) to help each other. The concept of competition simply disappears and becomes a felony. Spiritual siblings connect and flow together in total harmony, in a divine light of grace.

The concept of a couple changes too. They become hubs of collaboration. A couple is a community of people that decided to help each other in a higher connection, feeling safe, satisfied and with mutual respect and gratitude for each other. There is no such thing as cheating or jealousy as people are free and open about their needs and it is not attached to some emotional business. Emotions are valued for what they are: a signal linked to a deep need.

People are educated about nonviolent communication skills (NVC) and know what to do when emotions come up. They have more clarity towards the self – they no longer try to hide. The more we express and exteriorize our feelings and needs, the more we evolve and leave the space of fear (of rejection, of abandonment, of betrayal, etc). Relationships and couple lives will help us maintain a stable mental and psychological home base. In an ever faster changing world and surroundings, we will be the strongest part of the team. We’ll help other teams but we’ll stick together to sustain our own team and secure it. We’ll heal and take care of our base. Little communities will build up with small teams, a family will be the smallest ‘team’ or a ‘couple’.

Sex will be considered a healthy exercise, no longer linked to emotions. Emotions will be linked to higher goals – they’ll help us keep our objectives and limitations clear. They will be looked at as ‘E-motions’: energies putting us into action. Human beings will be in harmony with creation, in the organic flow of life, following natural rhythms without resistance. This is why humanity has done so much cleaning in the last decades, in order to assist individuals, relationships and communities in realigning their lives back into a wider harmony with creation itself, with nature. The individuated self is courting with the subtle and the invisible, and at the same time it is shining out with the light of humanity.