Women’s self-defence program brings personalised results


A new defence program only for women has hit Europe.

Ladyfense is described as a realistic and accessible way for women to learn techniques for protection. The program is offered through home visits, work visits and events that take place once a month.

Emmanuel Wilmes, founder of Ladyfense, worked in security for 17 years and saw a need in Brussels for a women’s-only defence program.

“I think it’s a good project because we have a problem and we can bring a solution,” Wilmes said.

By only offering the program to women, Ladyfense is ensuring participants feel comfortable and their trainers are focusing specifically on the needs for woman defence techniques.

Participants do not have to have strong physical skills. Ladyfense is all about realistic responses to threats. Participants receive a personal program, designed in order to learn responses detailed to their needs and abilities.

Wilmes also emphasises the program teaches participants to use their head before their hands when involved in a threatening situation. This, he says, will yield better results.

Frédérick Mastro and Carlos Vaquera designed the program and all trainers have knowledge in martial arts and security.

Go to www.ladyfense.com for more information.