World travel: The World’s Most Instagrammed Waterfalls

Photo: Saffron Blaze

While millions are still constrained by lockdowns, social media has been a haven to explore world travel from the comfort of our homes.

59% of social media users are prepared to break travel restrictions to visit their dream destination.

Angel Falls may be the tallest waterfall but it falls short on Instagram, placing in 20th

With searches for ‘travel destinations’ up 100%*, it even allows us to plan future holidays.

Interested in tourist hotspots, were keen to discover which waterfalls are the most popular on social media. After collating the number of Instagram hashtags per waterfall, they can now reveal all.

The world’s most popular waterfalls
In first place, Niagara Falls is the world’s most Instagrammed waterfall. While one of the smallest by size (51m), it appears the famed romantic destination hasn’t lost its appeal, raking in a total of 3,397,431 hashtags.

In second place is Iguazú Falls. Argentina’s Wonder of the World had its hashtag shared an incredible 1,005,532 times on Instagram and is a sight to see once overseas travel is allowed.

Gullfoss claims the third most popular waterfall on social media. One of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions, physically and figuratively, it boasts 329,576 hashtags on Instagram.

In fourth is the famous Victoria Falls in Zambia (286,410 hashtags) and Skógafoss in Iceland (255,519 hashtags) in fifth – tourism in the near future to both should help their countries’ economies bounce back.

Completing the top ten most popular waterfalls to visit are:
6. Multnomah Falls (USA) – 251,639 hashtags
7. Yosemite Falls (USA) – 190,185 hashtags
8. Seljalandsfoss (Iceland) – 163,914 hashtags
9. Bridalveil Fall (USA) – 147,678 hashtags
10. Snoqualmie Falls (USA) – 131,475 hashtags

Flipping the results, whilst it may be the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela falls short and lands in 20th place – the Wonder of the World clocks just under 30,000 Instagram hashtags to date (29,659).

Also of less influence on social media are Peru’s Gocta Falls in 19th (36,810 hashtags) and Switzerland’s Rhine Falls in 18th place (44,065 hashtags).

For all waterfalls in the top 20, please refer to the graphic above for further information.

How badly do we want to travel?
With travel restrictions differing from country to country, were also intrigued to discover how far people are willing to go to quench their sightseeing needs.

In a flash survey of 3,296 people, a whopping 59% stated they are willing to flout restrictions to visit somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.

33% said they are worried they won’t ever be able to visit locations on their bucket lists, and finally 24% said they had or are considering paying for a virtual tour experience.
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