Yachts: Luxury mansions on the sea


Yachts have been a form of luxury since the beginning of the 20th century, and with springtime quickly approaching, yachting season is rearing to set sail. 

Luxury yachts, frequently referred to as motor yachts (M/Y), are privately owned, professionally crewed sailing boats. Luxury yachts tend to include multiple bedrooms, a dining room and galley, a study and multiple sitting rooms. 

With the massive growth in the luxury yacht business being sparked in the 1990’s, yachts have quickly become a purchase of choice among the wealthier crowds. Yachts, which range from between 50 and 450 feet long, make for the perfect means of a vacation get-away. 

Yachts originally started off as being used by the Dutch navy to catch pirates. The privately owned, wealthy stereotype of yacht-owners wasn’t coined until Charles II started using his own.

Since then, yachts have evolved leaps and bounds. To see how, we’ve gathered some of the most impressive yachts from both the past and present.

M/Y Savarona
This yacht, built in 1931 by Blohm + Voss, was the largest yacht in the world when released at its time. Although it used to belong to a wealthy Turkish businessman, it is now reserved for the President of Turkey.

M/Y Christina O
Built in 1943, this sea-roaming beauty was originally used during World War II before being bought in 1954 by Aristotle Onassis. The yacht has seen such prominent historical figures as Marilyn Monroe and Sir Winston Churchill, and has five decks along with 16 staterooms. 

M/Y Eclipse: 400 million euro
This Blohm + Voss yacht built in 2010 is the world’s second largest superyacht coming in at 164 feet. Although specifics on the yacht are extraordinarily well hidden, some of its entities are said to include two swimming pools, a leisure submarine and accommodation for three helicopters. 

Equanimity: 175 million euro
The most recent superyacht to steal sea-dwellers’ hearts, this 91.5-meter beauty has won “The Finest New Yacht of the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show” and “Best Yacht of the Year Over 82 Meters” at the 2014 World Yacht Trophies. Among the yacht’s lavish features are a beauty salon, a beach club, a spa, a Turkish bath and a sauna.

Intermarine 55: About 1.9 million euro
High-class car manufacturer BMW has taken to the seas to join the ever-growing market for luxury yachts with its Intermarine 55. Although a smaller option at only 57 feet, this more affordable yacht of the lot was specifically designed for comfortable day and night use, making it the perfect choice for a new sailor. 

More recently, snapshots of Apple mogul Steve Jobs’ yacht, Venus, have surfaced, showing off the 100 million euro beauty. 

The increase in interest and status that has come with luxury yachts over the past couple of decades has certainly sparked a movement toward investing  in the mansions of the sea. The pools, spas and lavish bedrooms certainly couldn’t hurt either.