Dining in, dining out in Brussels


An excellent newcomer in the dining world has arrived in the Montgomery, located conveniently close to the Metro station. And it has one of my favourite things on the menu: elbow room. The tables are nicely spaced and the space (we went in the evening) suffused with a soft lighting effect that still made it possible to see the very fine food on the plate.

They are aiming for “a chic, casual, contemporary, trendy bistro with an ambiance somewhere between a Parisian brasserie and a New York restaurant”. And these adjectives certainly apply. The fresh produce is evident in dishes that are tasty and refined – at democratic prices.

My daughter woke up the following day and was still raving about the perfectly prepared risotto she had for a starter and for me the roasted Suprême de Coucou de Malines, swaddled in bacon and accompanied by hash browns went down very well with their excellent choice reds. And book a table in clement weather – there’s a very large terrace with even more elbow room, and above your head it’s 384,400 km to the moon.

105 Avenue de Tervuren
Etterbeek 1040

Louis Delhaize
Louis Delhaize is celebrating 140 years of serving the Belgian public.

The brand currently boasts a network of over 300 affiliated stores and 32 branches in Belgium. Clearly defined as convenience stores, they aim to meet the needs of conviviality, quality and speed of contemporary consumers. They offer a solution for everyday food purchases, the supply of fresh produce and baked goods, and also local services such as Post & Parcel points.

It is a 100% Belgian family brand and – quite rare these days – opts for intimacy with the customer to create a relationship worthy of neighbourhood shopping. And if you are shopping for a special party, Louis Delhaize stores have several wine and spirits exclusives, including a series of non-sulphite natural wines, and two very special Scottish products:  award-winning NB Gin from North Berwick and three excellent whiskies from the Tweeddale distillery in the Lowlands.