A new “Diamond Lounge” opened by Tollet


Tollet has opened a room in their store on 36 Rue des Fripiers dedicated to the sale of jewellery and luxury watches. Called the “Diamond Lounge,” the space features a team of professional and knowledgeable associates that will work with clients individually to see that the item of their dreams is produced.

Founded in 1902, Tollet stands as a jewellwery icon in Brussels and the Waterloo area with seven strategically placed and well-known stores and showrooms. Offering services such as after-sale support and customizable creations, Tollet continues to attract both local and international clients after over 100 years of business.

The Diamond Lounge is the Tollet family’s next step in customer service and features a clean, modern design where clients and professionals are able to collaborate to create the perfect, timeless piece of jewellery. 

All of Tollet’s locations are open Monday through Saturday, 10-18h15.