Art Belgium: Giacomo de Pass and his Human Adventure

ART BELGIUM Giacomo de Pass

Art Belgium: Human Adventure
Of Venetian origin, Giacomo de Pass was born in Morocco on 10 November 1938.

His early notable and noted works date from 1958 when he was only 20 years old. A painter impossible to classify, whose range of styles is disconcerting. The slightest upset in his life is reflected in his creation, which explains the diversity of his works that extend from Impressionism to Expressionism, through Fantastic Surrealism; from Fauvism to Symbolism and beyond to the limits of Abstraction.

Of this period, the artist says that to be drawn to beauty and to be a slave to fashionable trends, are creation’s worst enemies.

Les masques de lidentité 2001 Giacomo de Pass

Reproductions of his work are to be found in famous collections such as the Anthologie du Fantastique, the Anthologie de l’Epouvante, magazines like Planète, Les Signes et les Prodiges de Francoise Mallet-Joris.

A preface by Louis Pauwels to introduce a collection of lithographs called Luxure (feminine sexual desire) conveys well the climate of the artist’s work in the 1960s. “With Giacomo de Pass, there is no mannerism; there is hallucination and possession. The spirit of revolt; that dominates the Sabbath, toughens his line. Each of his paintings is a deep provocation that calls on the obscure forces of Eros to emerge, and to victory over the incommunicability of beings and sexual magic. His descents into the depths are all the more violent in that they are an anguished reflection of the charity and nostalgia of the Holy Spirit. The taller I stand, the heavier my sexuality weighs. Giacomo de Pass – password to purity.”

Le coupable 2002 Giacomo de Pass

The writer Hervé Bazin, President of the Goncourt Academy visits Giacomo de Pass in his studio and says to him: “I see here in a very talented painter all that inspires writing for me. Indeed, we share the same ambition, he with his brush and me with my pen: describe the human comedy.” Following that encounter, in 1991, the press of l’Imprimerie Nationale in Paris publishes a collector’s item, A la poursuite d’Iris, poems by Hervé Bazin and 17 lithographs by Giacomo.

Le Guepard 2016

The Cultural Center of Tubize will host for the first time the artist Giacomo De Pass on the occasion of two essential crossed unmissable events. After the Lincoln Center in New York, the World Bank in Washington, or the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Giacomo de Pass continues his tour around the world in Belgium.

From the disturbing shadows of the sixties to recent paintings flooded with light, Expressionist works bordering on abstraction, from his colourful works accompanying the poems of Hervé Bazin, to the Hallucinations and Possessions expressed by Louis Pauwels this mesmerizing journey testifies of a ‘human adventure’ that echoes in each of us.


The second exhibition,, will show us a series of 12 spectacular works made especially for the occasion on the theme of Football.

6 September  – 22 September
Exhibition available free of charge from Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h and from 13h to 17h.
Saturdays and Sundays, from 14h to 18h
Organization Pascal Seret
Tubize Cultural Center – Gymnasium Theater
Boulevard Georges Deryck 124
1480 Tubize

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