Balancing the in and out: fitness in the new year


January is the month everyone starts with the best of intentions. But how many of us keep to these resolutions? Why do so many people give up on them?

In our lives and in society, we constantly strive for results, and time is always catching up with us. We want results as quickly as possible, we have very little patience, and so we immediately jump into keeping fit, often from zero to exercising three times a week.

This is too sudden, but it’s a huge step we are prepared to take because we are so determined to achieve. We crave quick results in the short term. However, it puts an enormous amount of stress on our bodies, and that extra stress is often too much for us in our results-driven world. So, we drop out permanently.

Human beings are, of course, creatures of habit but also of changing habits – these changes cannot be done in two days or a couple of weeks. Changing habits takes time. It is a process, a journey towards health and vitality, by trial and error. It covers more than just sports; it is part and parcel of what your goals may be.

Life consists of finding the right balance, and this is just as true in sports: a balance between ‘working out’ and ‘working inwards.’ Because we think too highly of intensive training (working out), we put an enormous amount of stress on our bodies. In contrast, with ‘working inwards’ we fill our bodies with energy. In other words, we recharge our batteries again. Pilates, yoga and breaking exercises are ideal for this. Pick one or all of several leisure activities that you enjoy doing (walk the dog, play outside with the kids, etc.) and go out and do them!

A progressive build-up of your exercises and the right balance between working out and working inwards ensures that you maintain your health and vitality!

If you find it difficult to maintain this balance in your busy schedule or you need help with a good progressive structure of your training, contact our personal coach at Waer Waters. 

Filip Debast is a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach at Waer Waters.