Belgian design: Atelier de la Cambre, collection of luminaires


Twenty-five years ago, in 1992, the company moved to Uccle, to workshops that specialized in the work of copper and brass. “The know-how of a team of professionals mastering all the traditional techniques, combined with a contemporary, clean and timeless design, allowed the development of a unique collection that has often been copied but never equalled,” Stéphane explains.

And brass certainly seems to have taken hold, with all available fixtures now being made in this attractive, malleable metal.

“The flexibility of the brass allows a range of creations and it is also the ideal support material for the most beautiful finishes on metal.  We buy premium quality brass ,which after careful control is cut, milled and threaded. Our folding and embossing techniques guarantee sharp angles and precise curves. All our welds are made with silver solder.  For surface treatments, the different elements of our luminaires are previously sanded, polished or brushed.”

And what a collection of luminaires – a brief visit to Stéphane’s shop Les Ateliers de la Cambre, on Chaussée de Waterloo in Brussels, or his website, reveals a range in which elegance is absolutely key.

Just take a look at his styles – Kerma 24 Ovale, which has twenty-four decorative bulbs, oval ceiling base and square structures, for a hall or large space and Terra, which is a structure in epoxy black with a decorative bulb, are particular standouts.

And check out the Noukar with kerma structures – a floor lamp with three decorative bulbs and square structures and foot switch, a complement to any room.

The key to Davidts’ success? Creating in accordance with the wishes of the customer, a careful selection of raw materials and complete control of the production process. The materials come from the very best European factories. The result is characterized by a high standard of quality, precision and finish that guarantee the longevity of the lights. The lampshades are also all hand-made, which provides a very decorative lustre to the lighting. Davidts uses an extensive range of materials and colours, and the result is 100% Belgian and highly appreciated by demanding customers and professional decorators.

“We are particularly proud of our brushed bronze patina,” Stéphane explains, “with its incomparable finishing, obtained by a multitude of operations and a soaking in patina baths. All our finishes ensure the luminaires’ longevity and finish down to the smallest detail. These techniques were acquired by our teams of old, and have adapted been to our methods and production requirements.”

And, as far as the quality assurance is concerned, Stéphane is proud of his tradition: “Our company is, and will remain, a family one. We can offer the assurance of continuity and a long-term guarantee of follow-up for all our products.”

Not much more to be said – when it comes it illumination, Stéphane Davidts is light-years ahead.

Les Ateliers de la Cambre