Belgian gastronomy: Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles

BELGIAN GASTRONOMY Strong Women Big Bottles MGeldof_CIVB
Strong Women Big Bottles MGeldof_CIVB

In our latest Belgian gastronomy article we look at an exceptional gastronomic and oenological gathering.

Born in the world of wine or coming from multiple horizons, for several years now, the women of the Bordeaux vineyards have taken their place and acquired their legitimacy within the sector. They now occupy key positions in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, or in marketing functions.

BELGIAN GASTRONOMY Strong Women Big Bottles Stephanie Barousse LaDauphine_THEOSAFFROY_Favoreat_CIVB
Stephanie Barousse LaDauphine_THEOSAFFROY_Favoreat_CIVB

They were also pioneers in opening their castles and welcoming tourists. To put them in the spotlight, Bordeaux wines are organizing an unprecedented meeting in Belgium between the Strong Women of the wine world and those of the Belgian gastronomic and oenological landscape.

13 chefs, sommeliers or owners of renowned Belgian restaurants will offer their customers the wines of 13 Bordeaux winegrowers. And not just any wine! All the wines will come exclusively from rare bottles: double magnums, a format that will not leave you indifferent.

To select their wines, the Belgian Strong Women came to Bordeaux last summer. This trip to Bordeaux was an opportunity for them to meet, discuss and taste the wines (reds, whites and rosés from different Bordeaux appellations).

Several winegrowers will travel from Bordeaux to be alongside the Belgian chefs and sommeliers during this operation. Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles will introduce a wide audience to the diversity of Bordeaux wines as well as the talent and passion of these winegrowers.

What is a Big Bottle?
A 3 litre or double magnum bottle contains four standard wine bottles. A rarity in production because of its cost. Large format bottles are better suited for aging due to the lower surface-to-air ratio between the wine and the cork stopper. Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 November

BELGIAN GASTRONOMY Strong Women Big Bottles Vigneron_MBazindeCaix_Lurton©THEOSAFFROY_Favoreat_CIVB
Strong Women Big Bottles Vigneron_MBazindeCaix_Lurton©THEOSAFFROY_Favoreat_CIVB

The Strong Women of Bordeaux

  • Brigitte Rullier, Château Dalem, Fronsac
  • Sabine Fauchey, The Unclassifiable, Médoc
  • Sophie Thierry, Fourcas Hosten, Médoc
  • Manon Lledo, Château Loudenne, Médoc, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Rosé
  • Magda Müller, Château des Combes, Bordeaux
  • Virginie Aubrion, Château de Piote, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur
  • Agnès Person, Château Pascaud, Bordeaux Supérieur
  • Mathilde Bazin de Caix, Château de Rochemorin, Pessac-Léognan
  • Stéphanie Barousse, Château de la Dauphine, Fronsac
  • Sylvie Courselle, Château Thieuley, Bordeaux Blanc and Bordeaux Rosé
  • Nadège Giamarchi, Château Luchey Halde, Pessac-Léognan
  • Frédérike Petit, Château La Commanderie du Bardelet, Bordeaux
  • Angélique Armand, Château la Rame, Bordeaux, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

The Belgian Strong Women (lady chefs, sommelier, owners)

  • Julie De Block, Humphrey at Pias, Brussels, wine pairing
  • Laure Genonceaux, Brinz’l, Brussels, wine pairing
  • Alessia Persechillo, Bistro Racine, Braine-Le-Château, wine pairing

– Lara De Vlieger, Commotie, Ghent, wine pairing

  • Deborah Hellburg, Sensum, Ghent, wine tasting “Bring your strong women”
  • Caroline van Laere, Tastes and Colors, Ghent, wine tasting
  • Nadine Zimmermann, Heritage, Ghent, wine pairing
  • Emily Bauden, De Drie Ridders, Alveringen, wine pairing
  • Emilie Maquet, Julia Fish & Oysterbar, Koksijde, wine pairing with oysters
  • Sally Lauwers, Signatuur, Antwerp, wine pairing
  • Ellen Destuyver, L’Epicerie du Cirque – Under the Palm Trees, Antwerp, wine pairing
  • Eva Van de Peer, Nathan, Antwerp, wine pairing
  • Hannah Van Ongevalle, The Motel, Knokke, wine tasting more Belgian gastronomy articles…