Belgian golf: Hulencourt’s Golf Academy swings high!


James Drew revisits Hulencourt Golf Club in the south of Brussels in our latest Belgian golf feature.

After a successful first year for the Hulencourt Golf Academy, Hulencourt Golf Club’s Head of Performance Jérôme Theunis talks about the direction that the academy is taking. The motto in Latin of Hulencourt Golf Club is Nihil Melius Quam Bona Vita, which translates as ‘There is nothing better than a good life’. Too true, too true – and Hulencourt is certainly setting its stall out as far as providing the great golf life is concerned for its ever-growing clientele. “We have had a very good first year,” Jérôme explains. “We have learned a lot about what people really want from their golf training, particularly the parts of the game that people really want to train on.” And it’s all about the training: “Our indoor centre, where a great deal of our training takes place, is already proving very popular, in winter time, from November onwards. We have established a system that we feel works very well. Essentially, it means we have a place, an indoor training centre, where players can train throughout the year, irrespective of the weather. The centre benefits from the latest swing analysis technologies, and also allows for putting and approaches practice on high quality artificial greens.”