Real estate: A luxurious castle in Tuscany Italy


Property company Lionard Luxury Real Estate goes behind the walls of a remarkable castle.

Besides the castle, this property also includes 25 farmhouses and a hamlet with an 18th-century villa, bringing the total surface area to 35,000 sqm and 1,200 hectares of grounds. We owe this Tuscan castle to a great architect, Filippo Brunelleschi. The estate was built in 1424, when the Dome of Florence’s Cathedral was in the early stages and owned by the noble Pucci family. The castle, near Florence, features four angular towers and entirelywalkable crenelated walls. This castle is in great condition and is part of an estate that also includes 25 farmhouses, a hamlet with an 18th-century villa and a chapel in the forest; this estate has a total internal surface area of 35,000 sqm and includes 1,200 hectares of agricultural grounds – featuring vineyards and olive groves – and forests. Dimitri Corti, president of Lionard Luxury Real Estate, claims: “This is one of the most prestigious properties ever put up for sale.” Confirmation that this castle in Tuscany was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi comes from Professor Massimo Ricci, one of the most esteemed experts on Brunelleschi’s architecture.