Belgian property: Discover how to take action in real estate


Belgian property expert Yannick Callens offers three important tips when buying real estate.

In real estate, the three factors to consider when taking action, whether buying or selling real estate, are energy, money and time. In real estate, one of the factors that we often do not take into account, or that we forget and which is as important as the other two, is time.

  1. What energy will I need to generate to do this? Many of us will even stop there without even taking action. Why? Because we ask ourselves the question at this point: What is the price to pay? Or in other words, how much effort do I have to put in to get there? Or what is the effort of a new change or habit to adopt to get there? When we want to achieve new results, bigger or better results, we have to change our habits, get out of our comfort zone. But our brain doesn’t like it because subconsciously it will interpret it as pain and stop you! The brain would rather do something unpleasant that it already knows than to do something pleasant that it is not aware of yet.
  2. Regarding the second point, it’s money. Money and our beliefs, our fears, our desires and especially the values ​​we place when we consider the term ‘money’. Have you ever wondered if money is important to you? If it is good? If it is in abundance or is rather limited? All of these questions can help you find the solution to your money problem, especially when it comes to real estate. One thing I often say to my students is: beware, there may be a trap! Do we have to have money to acquire real estate or do we have to have real estate to make money? The quality of your questions will give you the quality of life that you deserve. So pay attention to the quality of your questions about money.
  3. And the time factor. The one that we forget, or we consciously forget on purpose because it is relative, because as soon as it passes it is lost… or won. In real estate we talk a lot about time in terms of appreciation, in terms of inflation over time and also in terms of how much time am I going to spend or I am currently spending on my real estate file. Is my real estate investment more of a passive income or do I have to spend a lot of time on it?

When you are going to start a real estate investment, or even if you would like to make it your job, you must take the time factor into consideration alongside the energy you are going to put into it and the money you are going to invest or earn. I would even say that the time factor is perhaps the most important. The famous ‘timing’.

BELGIAN PROPERTY EUROSQuestion: If you know that passing time is lost forever, you cannot get it back. How much do you value your time? If you had the choice between taking a sum of money or receiving additional time, what would be your choice? Be careful what you answer because the quality of your life may depend on it. And then your answer would immediately tell me what kind of person you are and how you organize your real estate and your connection to money. Because yes, these three factors: energy, money and time are interrelated and are just as important as each other.

Which of these three factors is most important to you right now? If tomorrow I give you the choice between a million euros or to be able to make up for lost time, what would be your choice? The choice and the decision are yours. Make the right choices!

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