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Our latest Belgian art article looks at one of Belgium’s greatest living artist.

Carta Canta: Pierre Alechinsky
Born in Schaerbeek on 19 October 1927, Pierre Alechinsky is a Belgian artist. He has lived and worked in France since 1951. His work is related to tachisme, abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction.

Carta Canta sings the story of an artist who has reinvented graphic art over and over again throughout his artistic journey. During the Spring of 2021, the RMFAB (figuratively) break down their walls to take the public along a journey guided by the gesture of Pierre Alechinsky. Follow this key-figure of Belgian contemporary art in a journey that rhymes with spontaneity, colour, and pleasure. In honour of one of the greatest living Belgian artists, Carta Canta presents a selection of Alechinsky’s works on paper chosen from 270 works gifted by the artist to the Royal Museums, as well as new exceptional donations.

More than 150 drawings, watercolours, etchings, lithographs and paintings invite you to dream and travel to the infinity of the imagination. The exhibition shows Alechinsky’s never-ending exploration of the imaginary, led by a keen sense for technical experimentation. This practice elevates the act of drawing – and thus the drawing itself – to the core of his rich and multifaceted body of work. Furthermore, the exhibition’s cross-disciplinary view establishes links between the artist and the RMFAB’s collection, from Ensor to Magritte. Even today, at the age of 93, Pierre Alechinsky – pioneer of the avant-garde group CoBrA and winner of the Praemium Imperiale (2018) – continues to make paper and the entire Museum ‘sing’.

BELGIAN ART CANTA CARTA Royal Musems Pierre Alechinsky
Royal Musems Pierre Alechinsky

Draw and explore
The entire Museum’s collection of Alechinsky’s drawings can be discovered through a digital tool installed in the exhibition, that uses artificial intelligence. Until 8 August. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. €15

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