Belgium food: Discover what’s new for summer dining


In our latest Belgium food article we look at offerings from Greece and Ireland

Bord Bia: Irish lamb and beef
This summer, it’s back to basics: a BBQ in good company. The BBQ, a festive and sunny meal par excellence, symbolizes summer and the evenings that drag on around a table. The pleasant smell and incomparable taste of grilled meat are the guarantees of a successful evening. To celebrate the arrival of sunny days, Bord Bia is happy to introduce you to Irish beef and lamb. Irish meat is known for its taste quality and consistency of quality. And for good reason, the breeders have selected rustic animals with so-called ‘early’ maturation. This means that Irish cattle are able to get fat on grass and built up throughout their lives the famous intramuscular or marbling fat that gives them their unmistakable taste. The grass also gives Irish beef exceptional organoleptic characteristics (sensory properties) and a richness in Omega 3 and 6, vitamins A and E whose health benefits are recognized. Ireland is also the land of lamb, of unique finesse and tenderness.

BRUSSELS FOOD GREEK PAPILLONPapillon Cafe – Bar – Restaurant
Located in the beating heart of the EU institutions in Brussels, Papillon Cafe – Bar – Restaurant is bringing people together over food and drink. This new Greek kid on the block is a refreshing addition to the neighbourhood. It specialises – naturally – on fresh mezze but what’s really interesting about them is that they reinvent classic cocktails, giving them a distinctly Mediterranean tang. Did you know about ‘Greek spritz’? It’s based on Otto’s Athens vermouth, mastiha liqueur and pink grapefruit soda. And they took the Brandy Alexander and funked it up to a very Greek version with Metaxa brandy, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup with Metaxa brandy lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and aromas of chocolate. Papillon has a friendly, family vibe and excellent service.

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