Brussels Atomium: Official re-opening and inauguration in June

© Atomium

Brussels Atomium is back, with a progressive return to life.

Enthusiastic and motivated, the Atomium team will reopen their doors as of Monday 1 June. The reopening of this iconic building, a testimony to the history of our country, is of course particularly symbolic for all Belgians.

From 1 June, the Atomium will once again welcome visitors. More than ever, with the confinement period we have endured, along with new habits, Belgians will be invited to rediscover their heritage nearby. The Atomium will welcome them with open arms. For 14 years, this public represents 30% of their visitors. Tomorrow, as it was after the attacks in 2015 and 2016, this public will be the first to come back and visit the most Belgian buildings of all. It will be particularly pampered.

In practice, the doors to the Atomium will open Monday 1 June at 11am during an official inauguration. The reopening of the building to the larger public will be done in several stages.

The national colours will once again be hoisted to the top of the flagpole, onto the highest ball of a building Belgians hold so dearly.

The month of June will serve as a test phase and will allow the Atomium to prepare for the summer season. During this period, the Atomium will be accessible from Thursday to Monday inclusive, from 10am till 6pm. The crowd management will be managed and analysed on a real-time basis in order to organize the best possible route for the visitors and to adapt it if necessary.

The following stages will be established depending on how this first phase unfolds and from the advice provided by the National Security Council.

To ensure this initial visit is pleasant for all, the Atomium is adapting to the health crisis. The number of visitors are limited. The entry tickets have to be booked online. The ticket office and the shop inside will, at this stage, remain closed. Disinfectant gel is at the disposal of the public. Everyone is invited to wear a mask during their visit. The public will be guided onto a one-way path which will be marked in order to avoid crossing other visitors. The stewards have received a specific training in light of the new situation.

It was important to the entire Atomium team to maintain the visit of the building in its entirety. The visit of this peculiar building, since 1958 and during its various reinventions, has defined its charm, its character and its appeal. The unique panorama of Brussels and its surroundings, viewed from the top of the Atomium, will of course still be accessible to the visitors.

The Atomium, a building many of us hold dear to our hearts, a place which treasures memories between friends and family, is eager to reunite with its public and to dive back into the magic it has pursued since 1958.

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