Personal Development: Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning


Personal Development: Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning is a transformative process for activating your unique gifts and highest potential. What if the path to your most fulfilling life has already been written by the universe, and all you needed to do was accept it?

As per Michael Bernard Beckwith, there are no extra people on this planet. Each and every one of us is born for a special reason, a unique purpose which only we can fulfil. The best part is: the universe is ALWAYS friendly and is constantly working for us to realize our unique purpose. Still, most people ignore the call of the universe.

Why have you been given this singular treasure that is your life―and how will you use it? What is the purpose for the unique blend of gifts, skills, experiences, and perspectives that you alone possess? To support you in answering these questions and living in sync with your inner calling, Michael Bernard Beckwith presents Life Visioning, an essential companion for anyone seeking to accelerate their spiritual evolution. Here he offers his complete Life Visioning Process―transformational technology for applying deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable the growth, development, and unfoldment of your soul. Learn more about:

The four stages of consciousness: Victim, Manifester, Channel and Being – the characteristics of each stage, and how we move through them. The dance of co-creation – establishing the balance between effort and surrender. Applying the Life Visioning Process in all of your life structures, including relationships, finances, livelihood and spiritual practice.

“When your thoughts and actions begin to align with the imperatives of your soul,” explains Beckwith, “you enrol the full support of the universe. Unimagined possibilities begin to open up as you synchronize with the divine.” In this book, you will discover an unparalleled method for navigating every stage of your evolutionary journey and fulfilling your highest calling as only you 

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