Brussels Shakespeare Society’s Coriolanus


Based on one of Shakespeare’s longest plays, the Brussels Shakespeare Society are staging Coriolanus on October 24-29.

With the experienced Graham Vincent taking the lead, and none other than Together‘s very own James Drew playing Menenius Agrippa, Coriolanus’s right-hand man and mentor, the play will take to the stage at the Pétit Théâtre Mercelis – the Bard’s tale sees Roman fifth century BC warrior Gaius Marcius return victorious from battle against the Volscians, wherupon he is promptly honoured with the title ‘Coriolanus’.

Brussels Shakespeare Company CoriolanusHowever, Coriolanus cares not for lauding his war wounds, nor for bowing before the people – a pride that brings him into deadly conflict to protect everything he holds dear. Enjoy, but be warned – it is among the bloodiest of Shakespeare’s plays.

Brussels Shakespeare Company CoriolanusFrom 23-29 January 2017, the BSS will also be staging Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Coriolanus runs from 24-29 October at Pétit Théâtre Mercelis, Brussels.

Photos: Brussels Shakespeare Society rehearsing Coriolanus

Brussels Shakespeare Company CoriolanusIf you would like to read the entire text before going to the play go to:

Photos: Tibor Radvanyi