Friday, December 1, 2023

Brussels to Kazakhstan on a solar powered bike

The young Belgian is aiming to drive 100km per day in a custom-designed three wheeled vehicle. The trike has a solar roof to provide...

Behind the scenes of “zero growth”

There is a lot of talk about zero economic growth in the western press these days, particularly in Europe.  Indeed, most countries in the...

Boat races

Luckily for us there was a sufficiency of chilled oysters for all. Then a cry went up, the boats were coming! and in an...

Natural Childbirth

Drug-free childbirth without medical intervention is a topic that spawns vitriolic debate. My own simple question ‘what do you all think of natural childbirth?’...

What to eat and when

Food and exercise are key elements to your health and wellbeing. Too much or too little of either one and the balance is thrown...

Natural childbirth

Drug-free childbirth without medical intervention is a topic that spawns vitriolic debate. My own simple question ‘what do you all think of natural childbirth?’ on a social networking...

Colour as therapy

What does colour mean to an artist, how do they create an impact with it and what is its place in creating emotions?Stephanie Manasseh -Curator and...

Self-Discovery in Colour

Born into a world of colours, we grow up surrounded by colour in the environment and in our homes; we dress in colourful clothes, eat colourful food...

French seek haven in Belgium

The village of néchin in Belgium, located just a mile from the French border and the town of Roubaix (Nord), is comprised of 27% of French, often...

What to do about old friends

“To forget a friend is sad. Not everyone has had a friend. And if I forget him, I may become like the grown−ups who are no longer...
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