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World politics: The Russian Bear is back

Gerry Callaghan looks at Russia’s return to the world politics power table. Russia is back as a major global player after decades on the sidelines...

Personal Development: Power of Proximity

International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes encourages us to get out of ‘stuck' by returning to the power of proximity. Have...

Netflix: 9 steps to TV series obsession disorder

Sarbani Sen looks at the mesmerizing influence of Netflix. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our lives... and our viewing habits. There has been...

Charitable initiative: Discover the European Food Banks Federation

Our charitable initiative page looks at a federation that helps food banks work better. The first food bank, the St. Mary's Food Bank, was founded...

Art investment: The emotional bond

Dave Deruytter looks into how art investment can have an emotional and monetary value. More and more art galleries and fairs come to Brussels. Why,...

Marc Sluszny: A Belgian coaching inspiration passes away

It was with a heavy heart that we heard of the passing of Marc Sluszny, a truly inspirational individual. Marc died doing what he...

British Chamber of Commerce: Expat Financial Affairs conference 2018

The annual British Chamber Expat Financial Affairs conference offers essential advice in English on managing your finances as an expat in Belgium. Get direct...

Belgium environment: Sustainability in Belgium making SE’nSE

In our latest Belgium environment article we look at The Foundation for Future Generations as it unveils the five SE'nSE 2020 laureates. Five Belgian start-ups,...

Personal Development: Please Stand Up

Personal Development: Matthew Cossolotto suggests that too many speakers suffer from ADD. Too many speakers and media interview guests (along with the PR practitioners who...

Belgium coaching: Discover how money works or get left behind

In our latest Belgium coaching article International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes talks about how money works Today people are working...
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