Celebrity interview: Actress Emily Blunt is flying high


CELEBRITY INTERVIEW You and your husband appear to be incredibly well suited?
I think beyond simply being best friends, we also have a very easy way of being together and having a lot of fun. We trust each other and care for each other very deeply, and that means we can enjoy our lives together and believe in building a future together with our children.  In today’s society people are bombarded with images that constantly point to perfection, and that makes us believe that there is always that perfect partner for us.

So, a lot of people find themselves in a relationship thinking they and should do better, instead of building on what they already have. Previous generations were more willing to work through difficulties, whereas today I don’t think people are as willing to be as patient or forgiving. I would always look at the future and be positive with what I have.

What really appeals to you about Mary? 
For me, she offers great hope and comes at things with a new different perspective, and these to me all feel like the right ingredients for moving forward. When I heard Julie Andrew was glad I was taking on the role, I was close to crying. That was such a wonderful thing to be told and it gave me so much belief and encouragement to take it forward and do my own thing. 

It’s clearly an American film set in London. It leans on all the British ‘stiff upper lip’ and Oliver Twist-type stereotypes of the era, revealing a society where the bullish rewards of Victorian ambition are gradually giving way to rather more socialist values in the reign of King Edward VII. It’s the idea that everyone can profit, even the desperately poor, such as chipper cockney Bert (Dick Van Dyke), the chimney sweep and general jack-of-all-trades.

It’s a fitting tribute to her and the original, but hopefully it’s very different too and people will see and like that. It’s a musical and has all the components you would expect, but it’s been beautifully updated and is a real celebration of the original with plenty of new twists. I’m very excited, I think it’s going to be incredible.