Charity: Belgian Kids’ Fund for Paediatric Research


In our charity article this month we look at QFCUH’s scientific foundation, which promotes paediatric research within the network of the Université Libre de Bruxelles

In particular, it provides scholarships to paediatricians in training. Associations like The Belgian Kids’ Fund can only survive through donations and, if necessary, through legacies.

A donation
This donation can be either punctual or spread over the year by standing order (monthly, quarterly or annually). Tax deductibility is guaranteed for any donation of at least €40 on an annual basis paid into the account of The Belgian Kids’ Fund. Mention in your communication ‘Gift for research’ and a tax certificate will be sent to you in February of the following year.A birth, an anniversary, a wedding or a death are all moments that punctuate our lives and to which we like to bring a resonance, an amplitude, a special meaning, with the desire to involve the maximum number of people.

By funding a research grant to a young paediatrician, as a tribute to an event or a loved one, you take part in the great challenge of improving the lives and health of children in Belgium and around the world. Your family, friends or acquaintances can also make a donation to The Belgian Kids’ Fund at these events.It is now possible to donate to The Belgian Kids’ Fund via Facebook. Do not hesitate to invite your friends on your birthday, a party, the end of your studies, and offer to donate to BKF.

The Belgian Kid’s Fund may be designated as a beneficiary of a share of succession (the opinion of a notary is recommended, whose advice is free). You can also visit the website Here you will find all the necessary information regarding bequests and donations for a good cause of which our scientific fund is a part.

An action
Do not hesitate to organize sports, culinary, cultural or other actions and be a sponsor for the benefit of BKF. Whether it’s with your family, your colleagues or your children’s school, every opportunity is good to choose BKF as a good cause for your action.

Do you have talents, such as animator, cook, organizer, mover? You are welcome to support us during our Kids’ Days, our shows, our charity dinners, our raffles, our auctions or our Christmas markets. Join BKF and experience unique moments with their volunteer teams. You will not regret it!Contact: Laurence Bosteels at